Bump Watch: 24 weeks

I've put on about 16 lbs during this pregnancy so far.

Really nice friends say things like "you're eating for two!" and "you're pregnant - of course you'll put weight on!" But really, when you look at the numbers, this baby currently weighs about 1.2 lbs, which means the rest is milkshakes, licorice, and tequitos.

I know I should stop, especially since I have the gestational diabetes test next week and I'm hoping I don't get it again. I justify it to myself by saying that I can't drink wine and well - if Craig's going to sit and have a glass of Chablis then I'm damn well having apple pie and ice cream.


Yes - you know you should stop but you are eating for two and you also know that once baby is here you will have very little time to eat at all!

Sorry! - just keep healthy Pam.

A x
Pam said…
Hi Anne
Thank you - I'll put you on the "very nice friend" list!

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