Monday, October 27, 2008

Underwear Man is on my Hitlist

Jacks potty training is going great again. He seems to have regained his enthusiasm for using the toilet and is only wearing diapers for bed.
To help him along I bought him some really cute Diego underpants that he picked out at the shop and he loves. I put a pair on him this weekend and when I came to take them off for bed he had the most horrendous rash on his bum. Not just mild redness, but whopping big lumps and pimples that looked sore as hell.
I found out today that new underwear, even for babies and kids, is soaked in formaldehyde to keep the fabric preserved during shipping & storage. Its true, I Googled it. I'd like to meet the bright spark that decided that this was a good idea and give him a Glasgow kiss.
I guess I should have washed his underwear before letting him wear it, but when did that habit become the "norm"?

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Emily said...

WHAT?!? I had no idea...that's crazy. Good to know, though, thanks for the head's up

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