Day 5: Wounded Knee & a Big Drive

Miles today: no idea, lots
Total 2,050-ish?

Today we went to the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation and Wounded Knee. We met with some local people and walked the Wounded Knee Cemetery where the mass grave is and where Little Lost Bird is buried. We bought some crafts from three teenage girls hanging about outside.

I've thought long & hard about this blog post. I wanted to post funny stories, mostly about my dad saying things like "are we at Broken Knee yet?", but I can't post funny stuff and I can't post pictures of the reservation or Wounded Knee Cemetary because even though the people are lovely and friendly,  it is too desolate, too desperate. 

After Wounded Knee I drove for a stupid amount of time & nearly killed everyone by overtaking on a single road thinking I was on a dual-carriageway. The poor driver coming my way swerved and pointed frantically to let me know I was in his lane. I was doing 95 at the time and slammed on to get behind the driver in front of me. The whole car went quiet, even Jack, and my heart was pumping like mad for a couple of hours after. 

Tonight we're at a motel in Yankton. I'm sat up drinking and blogging and looking forward to seeing my husband and son. God I miss them. 


mountainear said…
Getting much vicarious pleasure from your travelogue. I've visited places where small children - toddlers - have been begging and selling trinkets and it's made me stop and think. My 'must-see' tourist destination is their reality. It's an uncomfortable thought.

Have a safe journey home.
Pam said…
Hi Mountainear, My most upsetting encounter like that was in Marrakech years ago but this is worse because you also feel guilty and then condescending when you do give money. They are so proud and such nice people. It's heartbreaking.
Thanks for your good wishes. Just 475 miles to go!!!
Clippy Mat said…
how sad. it's an eye opener for sure....
scary experience in the car. glad everything was ok.

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