Kate Moss Wannabe

My friend Gina and I started on Weight Watchers together last spring. Now she's looking fabulously slim and gorgeous and I'm still a big chunker. I have had a baby inbetween of course, but still.

It doesn't help that people keep sending us English chocolate. Good people of Britain - stop it, please. I know you send it for the kids but me and Craig eat it. And yes I know that's stealing from my children but they don't know any different and besides, I'm saving their teeth. And let me tell you, Jack does not need a sugar buzz - he's already nuts.

So far I have lost a measly 30 lbs, put 4 back on and now trying to lose another 40. WW is going okay but I'm not as gung-ho as I was last year about it. Last year I had the willpower of a saint. This year I have the willpower of Roseanne Barr. I even snook a piece of pizza off Jack's plate today while he wasn't watching. Bad bad mummy.


Good luck with it Pam but I'd say you have done very well so far - 30 lbs! That's fantastic. Know what you mean about chocolate though - I love it and try not to have it in the house! A x
Jen said…
Hope you are able to make your goal in the near future! Way to go on already losing 30 lbs.!
Well bloody done is what I say!! 30 pounds? Do you have any idea how many packets of sugar that is????! Good on you, and dont worry about sneaking that pizza, a girl needs a treat now and then! x
Emily said…
30 pounds is a lot and takes a lot of work!! Brian and I started back on it today again - we had gotten out of control with moving and everything else that's been going on...
So we'll have to help keep each other motivated. Sure....
Pam said…
Hi Anne: You have to remember that my baby weighed 10 lbs and my baby weight was about another 10 - so I've only really lost about 10lbs in the last 5 months (said as I'm nibbling cheese biscuits)

Jen: Thanks! I like WW a lot. Works for me.

Hey Ladybird: I always think of the weight in fertilizer bags LOL! Ohhh, pizza is so good isn't it

Hi Em: I just saw you in your party frock at the wedding and you looked fab! Motivate each other? Yeah right. I'll motivate you to come with me to Chipotle sometime ;-)
Clippy Mat said…
yep. been on THAT roller coaster for years now. and sick of it.
however, I too eat all of the English chocolate that I can get my hands on when my Ma in Law brings it for the kids; i.e. her grown up grandchildren - who have literally wrestled each other to the floor over a Cadbury's cream egg and a flake! it's sad. We are all doomed.

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