Lazy Weekend, Plebs in the Park, Danny Sits Up

We had a great weekend overall. We finally watched some telly - most importantly we caught up on Shameless by watching episodes on YouTube and we watched the recent episodes of Nurse Jackie, which is fabulous. I'm not really into telly that much but I absolutely love this new show.

Craig's mates came over Friday night for a BBQ and beer but other than that we've been a bit anti-social. I like that sometimes, want to hole-up and not see anyone. It's weekends like this that I wear clothes I'd never wear in public like sweat shorts and scruffy t-shirts. I did venture to the park several times and once got caught in a fierce storm but it was fun to get really soaking wet with Jack and we treated it like an adventure.

Talking of adventures - did you ever read "Lord of the Flies"? Well, the children from the book were at our park tonight, along with their 12 siblings and parents from hell. They took Jack's toy and would have grabbed his bike had their mum not half-heartedly intervened. It was twenty kids and three adults not watching the little savages play. Craig asked Jack if he wanted to go and get his toy back and he said "no, they're too scary". When I heard that I thought "too scary? If you want to see scary watch your mum turn into a Liverpudlian again and sort these muppets out". Fortunately, the toy got returned voluntarily before it got ugly. I was a bit miffed too as I said a cheery "hello" to one of the mums and she snubbed me. Totally looked right at me and blanked me out. The good thing is that I've never seen them before so hopefully they won't be back. Our little park is a haven for the kids and for us to meet parents from the community so I hope these idiots don't keep coming and spoil it for us. Okay, rant over. It does make me feel better to write about it.

Danny-boy. When he wears this t-shirt at daycare they say he looks like Charlie Brown. I suppose he does a bit. The kids had a good weekend and seem to be bonding now. Today we put Jack's new car-seat in the back so he can now lean over and touch Danny. At one point, both of them were laughing their heads off and it's just lovely to hear. 
Danny is changing every day now. He's been laughing a lot, which warms your ginnels and he loves to sit up as you can see in this 30-sec video. He's still a bit wobbly, but then who isn't?


Clippy Mat said…
plebs indeed. i would have liked to see you go all liverpudlian on them, can you imagine their reaction? LOL
danny is so cute. he's coming on a treat. :-)

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