Road Trip: Day 1

Miles: 550
States: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin
Times I heard "I want to get out": over 100
Interesting sites: none (there's a reason people don't go on holiday to the Midwest, unless they have a thing for corn fields)
We stayed overnight at the Super Motel 8 in Janesville, WI. Overall a good day and we got a big chunk of milage done. Our Jack finally snapped about 7pm. I had told him a dozen times on the journey that we were not going home but were instead going on a vacation. As we pulled into Janesville and he was screaming and waving his cushion around his head, I said "Jack be quiet!" and he yelled back "NO! I am on my holidays!"
Today we tackle Wisconsin and Minnesota ...


Expat mum said…
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Expat mum said…
Sorry - trying again.
I can't think of anything worse than long haul driving in the mid-west, with or without kids. The Ball & Chain drives from Chicago to the Rockies every Xmas (I fly) and there's nothing till you reach the mountains. Nothing!
Pam said…
Hi Expat, I agree 100%. and it all looks like England too - making it even more familiar!!!
Clippy Mat said…
ooh road trips. I love to read about road trips! well said, Jack! LOL

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