Bring Out Your Dead!

If this was the year 1340 someone would have been and painted a big red cross on our door this morning.

Danny got me up four times overnight and barfed this morning. I didn't think it was too bad as he did it while I was contact lense-less. Then I put them in and said "wooohhh". He ate his breakfast though and seemed okay, so I took him to daycare. He has his 6 month visit this afty at the Docs so it's just a half day. Selfish of me probably but I can't cope with 2 sick kids today.
Jack hacked his way through the night with a dreadful cough and seemed to struggle to breath at some points. So even less sleep for me because I kept listening for him taking ragged breaths. It was frightening. He's currenty at work with me but not sure how long I can keep a 3-year old satisfied in my workplace before he goes nuts. Sometimes I nearly go nuts.

To top it all, I have had an upset stomach for two days and Craig said this morning he feels a cold coming on.
SO, anyone wish to socialise with us this weekend? No? Didn't think so.


Emily said…
:( Bummer for you guys!! I'm so sorry. I hope everyone is on the mend quickly, too bad we won't get to hang out - we'll make a weekday playdate sometime soon...
Oh no, poor old you. Get well soon, all of you. A x

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