More Gushing (sorry)

Danny's going to be six months old next week and I can't believe the newborn stage is over. He's munching his way through solid food and starting to babble. He's sleeping through most nights and trying to sit up. I sorted his clothes out again and he's wearing 12 months clothes now because he's just well, big. Big and tall. Last night he wore Jack's old PJs that Jack wore when he was a year old and walking about. It's great he's so big but also a bit unnerving. I mean, will he be so huge that I'll have to have special pants made.

My favourite time with him is in the morning. He never cries but will lie in his crib and babble till I go in to get him. When he sees me he kicks his little legs like mad and grins at me and as I pick him up he shoves his face right in mine and grabs my neck hard, like a hug. Makes me go all funny just thinking about it. My favourite thing about him at the moment is his hair, which has grown like crazy this week. He has light blonde hair now, in a little mohican right down the middle of his head. Just the right length for burying your face in.

I really love these boys of mine (yes yes yes you're saying, after three years of you gushing we get the bloody picture). I just wish all kids on the planet could be loved like this but I know that's not reality. Just this week a 5-week old girl in Ohio was rescued from a home where rats were eating her alive and had already taken two toes. It's unfathomable to me, totally vile and horrific. I wish I could stop it all but I suppose the best we can do as parents is to make our own kids decent human beings and try and put the other horrible stuff to the back of our minds.


Mommy Daisy said…
He is such a cutie. And it sounds like he has a winning personality.

Our kids are very fortunate, and we're lucky to have them too.
Clippy Mat said…
how adorable. i know exactly how you feel. my youngest grandson is 3 months and is at that smiling, laughing, gurgling stage and it just turns my heart over. so sad for the poor little children who suffer as you describe. God help them, it's heart breaking.
you are doing a great job with your lads. :-)

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