Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snakes on the Brain

As we were looking over Craig's handiwork in the garden tonight Jack shouted over to me "mummy, is this a snake?"   I looked over at him, crouched down near some bushy lavenders at the top of the garden. 

Snake? Bloody snake?? 

I immediately think of rattlers and copperheads and run hell-for-leather up the hill towards him. I get to him panting, heart racing and ask where he saw the snake. 

He says "No, it's a spider. With big spots" 

I ask him where, he says "here" and opens up his empty palm for me to take a look. "Look mummy, a big spider!"

I suppose this means his imagination is kicking in. I should probably start taking aspirin.

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Clippy Mat said...

little monkey LOL

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