Two Moments in My Life

I was looking through old photos tonight and came across a couple that really brought back great memories. I have to say it, I've had a bloody great life so far.

In 1997 Craig and I went on a two week camping trip to Scotland. This picture is taken at Gairloch where I want my ashes scattering when I pop my clogs.  I remember that we went to the local pub where Craig beat everyone including the landlord at pool, then we drank a few beers at our tent site but we were terrorized by a group of obnoxious Germans & Craig did the Monty Python funny walk routine. It was not the most PC thing he's ever done but it still makes me laugh today. We'd sit and paddle our bare feet in the waters edge, looking out at the Isle of Lewis. Craig and I had such a great laugh on that holiday. 

My courageous days! Bungee jump number 9 or 10 I think. I drove to Durham to do it and took some students along.  What a fashion disaster I was though. I am wearing red Doc Martens, ridiculous skin-tight stripey pants (?), and a bio warfare jacket. I was cold and one of my students who was in the TA/National Guard lent it to me.  I told the bungee people that  I wanted to go backwards and I can still remember the adrenaline rush. What a daredevil I was. 
I can't go up a chuffing ladder these days without getting wobbly legs.  


MikeH said…
Camping I've done, but bungee jumping...let's just say my dare devil days are behind me. Well done you, though.
Clippy Mat said…
i never noticed what you were wearing cos i was too busy sweating and gasping when i saw what you were doing.
not for a million dollars!
you are mad!
Kelsey said…
Thanks for that fun little glance into your past... Will you take the boys bungee jumping someday???
Pam said…
Hi Mike, Never say never!

Hey Clippy, Sweating and gasping? I hope you were on your own! LOL

Hey Kelsey, I finally realise now why my mum would never come and watch!!!

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