Bye Bye Fence

I am sat with a glass of Chianti in front of a roaring fire while it's frigid outside and blowing an icy hard wind . Yesterday our fence got blown down, killing all the plants that were in front of it, and today while crossing a major road to go to a conference I stepped on ice and did a very comical "River Dance" move in front of stopped traffic. Hopefully no one knew me. The fence blowing down has upset me. No longer can I let Cody out and know he's safe. All those bets are OFF. As soon as he sees a squirrel he'll run after it all the way to Canada.

My wonderful industry conference is dying. In the old days the place was so busy I couldn't find a place to park, 4,000 friends and colleagues got together and went to educational sessions, looked at the new equipment and had a good time at night. We told stories of those nights for years after - still do. Not this time. I've been able to park with no difficulty, the halls are empty, the speakers fly in from 1,000 miles away to talk to twenty people. I don't know how to save it but I'm going to give it a bloody good try.

On to other things ..

Danny has 2 teeth and is jabbering a lot. He says "mama" but I'm not certain that he really means me yet. He's cruising around the furniture and bouncing balls and starting to play with toys. He's growing so quick it's sad, but his cheeks have been consistently fat, red and kissable, so that's the good news.

Jack is gorgeous and crazy, amazing and annoying. 3. 4 years old. I read somewhere that 3.5 got better so in two weeks time he should turn into a cherub, right? My husband is the most laid-back person on the planet and came in the front room tonight after the bedtime routine, clutching his chest and saying he couldn't take any more. People who's kids have flown the nest tell me to cherish every moment but that's hard to do with a toddler who's hell bent on annoying you to death. On the flip side, he's wonderful. Huggy with lots of kisses. Tells me he loves me. Plays and dances and sings with me. My heart aches with how much I love him. I just wish I could erase those moments of, well, exhausting lunacy.


Emily said…
Oh, Pam, I'm so sorry about the fence! That's awful, I'd be upset by that as well.
Clippy Mat said…
i'd have paid good money to see that river dance hehehe
if cody does run up to canada i'll keep an eye out for him.
get that fence mended fast.
danny and jack are so similar in ages to 2 of my grandkids and their stages and antics are so similar. i can identify. they're lovely aren't they?

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