Just a Little Missing

So Christmas is over and forgetting the fact that we couldn't find brussel sprouts for Craig all things went well. The snow eventually turned up and the kids were happy with their presents. But it could have been just a smidge better, just a smidge, if I'd have had the following:

1. My family from England in my house for the day
2. English chocolates - Quality Street, Roses, boxes of liqueurs, Cadbury's chocolate fingers
3. Mince pies
4. Decent crackers
5. Christmas pudding on fire
6. The afternoon outing to the local pub to see friends
7. The Royle Family Christmas special
8. Only Fools and Horses re-runs
9. Advocaat

That's quite a big list isn't it. Makes me sound like my Christmas was pants, but it wasn't. I just missed the things I'm used to and that make it extra special.


mountainear said…
I'll send the mince pie recipe for next year - and if you'd like a hamper of 2, 4, 7 and 8 - I could do that.
Sarah*G* said…
I found your blog via the Expat Blog site. I have just come from the UK to the US at the end of October and had our first Christmas in our new apartment in Indiana. I think I missed most of the things on your list too!
Pam said…
Hi Mountainear. We found mincemeat - hurrah! Who knew my local Kroger shop had it all along. They turned out great. I will take you up on the offer and send you a little hamper from the USA in return.

Hi Sarah, Welcome to America and you're really not too far from me, in USA terms! I went on your blog today and will leave you some messages next visit. Happy New Year!
Clippy Mat said…
funny, i used to miss a lot of those things too but not so much anymore. i didn't realize that until now.
in fact, most of them we can get here in canada probably because of all of the brits that live here. which is most likely not the situation where you are.
lmk if you need a care package.
i'm happy to ship.
no advocaat tho'. it makes me puke LOL

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