Sunday, December 13, 2009

Water Babies, Daft Goats & Believers

On Friday I said to Craig, let's not organize anything this weekend and just relax and it turned out to be one of our busiest weekends in a while. 
Yesterday we took the boys swimming and they loved it. It was Danny's first time and he had a bit of a wobbly lip at first but soon got into it and was splashing like a loony after a few minutes. 
Danny is definitely more of a water baby than Jack and I don't know why. I'm a bit afraid of water so I try my hardest not to influence them but since Jack was a  toddler he hasn't been able to stand water up his nose or in his eyes. If he so much as gets a trickle in his eye he has to dry it with a towel. Danny, on the other hand, is crazy in the bath. He splashes so much Craig and I drape ourselves and the floor in towels. I'll take some video sometime because it's so funny how much he loves the water.

Last night two of Craig's friends came over. At one point I just sat and watched them in action, which was a sight to behold. Three men sat on the couch, the middle man with the laptop perched on his knee. "Hey" said one of them "type in, camel gets hit by train, that's a good one" and so the middle man searches YouTube and then they recoil and go "arghh" and laugh in unison. At one point there was hysterical laughter as they were watching a goat keep licking an electric fence.  The differences between men and woman are just so amazing aren't they? It's a wonder we all get along but I'm glad we do.

Today we went to the zoo to see the light displays and to catch up with Brian & Emily. I really enjoyed it - great company, nice weather, great lights, kids loved playing together, we watched them dance. I wish there were more opportunities to get together in winter at things that were almost free. Ohio winters are LONG and we get stir crazy.  

So, 12 days till Christmas now and I'm so excited for Jack. He's really in to it all and he can't wait to put cookies out for Santa and carrots on the front lawn for Rudolph. He believes in it all so completely and earnestly that it's lovely to watch. 


Fredsueand me said...

it must be a boy thing eh, me michael and icks went out to leeds for a gig saturday, sunday we all sat with shocking hangovers doing the same thing, laptop and you tube "worlds biggest zit" while icks girlfriend looked at us all with disbelief and dismay as we chuckled. if craig likes goat video's tell him there is very good one of a monkey raping a goat. must go i have to find the camel being hit by a train clip. ttfn

Expat mum said...

My 6 year old is still into Santa. (Might be my last year.) We have to leave things out for the reindeer although Santa seems to like the same things as grandad - funny that. The only thing that wigs me out is that he (LG, that is) won't do his Xmas list till the night before, which usually results in a few disappointments on the morning of.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Christmas is definitely at its best with the very young around, magical. I can just imagine Jack's excitement at the whole thing. Danny certainly looks as though he is enjoying himself in the water, I'd love to see bathtime! A x

Clippy Mat said...
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Clippy Mat said...

Clippy Mat said...
the things you see on youtube eh?
no time for posting at the minute but if i did i'd be writing about the 3 yr old grandson who asks every day, 'is it christmas eve?'
bless him.
it's magical.

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