Santa Video

I was at a work conference today and got home at 10.30pm, knackered. The absolute highlight of my day was meeting National Geographic photographer Dick Dorrance. 
When I got home Craig poured me a glass of Chianti and showed me what he's been up to tonight. I think it beats any kind of Elf Yourself video (see link below).  Talking of Santa, I asked a colleague today what his daughter wanted for Christmas and he said "I don't get sucked into all that. She doesn't ask for anything".  This is insulting to me in two ways - he's letting me know his daughter is more well behaved than my kids and that I'm an idiot that obviously does get "sucked in" to Christmas. He's probably right on both fronts but I was tempted to say "ba humbug" and put my hand up to my nose, wave and do "na na na na na" at him. I just asked Craig what the word for that action was and he looked baffled. It's been a long day. 


Clippy Mat said…
no, no, he's not insulting YOU. he's just a moron. don't even bother giving him the nanananana thing, whatever IS that called?
i feel sorry for his daughter.
love the video. my grandson had the same one done and you should see his face when it comes on. isn't it wonderful?
mountainear said…
I'll ask my boys what they call the 'nanananana' thing when out on the beer in city centre Manchester. I think we'll find it's not very nice and probably ends with the proverbial 'bunch of fives'applied to the nose.

You colleague sounds like a party pooper. We all want something surely.

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