A Great Christmas Day!

It's been a magical day, it really has. It started last night when Eric came over and helped Jack track Santa's progress on the computer and before he went to bed he left out cookies. This morning he ran into the kitchen and exclaimed "the cookies are gone! Santa came!". I wish I would have captured the moment on video now as it was heartwarming. I wasn't organized enough though  as we had a few too many drinkies with Eric last night and I was a bit blurry round the edges. Good times though. 

As soon as he donned his football gear he said "can I go to a football game now?" and it took some effort to convince him he couldn't play for the Buckeyes quite yet. 

Their Auntie Sandra sent an inflatable car and it was a big hit all round. Thomas train sets were also the toy of the day, which was a new challenge for me. "Mummy help me set it up" was like asking Paris Hilton to help change a spark plug. Craig came to the rescue again and slipped me one of those sideways glances which says "and you have a degree?"

Our living room at 10am this morning. You have to understand that I'm a neat freak so I tried really hard not to clear it all immediately away but when it started raising my blood pressure all the paper & cardboard had to get binned. 

Linda came over for dinner and we had a very cool coincidental moment when her and I were sat at the dinner table watching the Queen's speech. I like to watch it as I'm a closet royalist but Craig had left the table in disgust mumbling something about parasites and old wrinklies. Anyway, as Linda and I were watching, the Queen made a big deal about the Commonwealth meeting in Tobago and Trinidad this year and there was lots of footage of the area. That's where Linda is from - so it was like we both got to see our homeland as commonwealth citizens, together. Now that I've typed it all out it doesn't sound that good but it felt really nice at the time, like we shared a common bond. 

The highlights of my day were speaking to my family & friends on the phone & Skype, watching my boys go nuts with toys, eating a fabulous dinner made by my genius cook of a husband, Craig and spending some quality time with Linda. Oh and I do just love the Spongebob Christmas video "Don't be a jerk it's Christmas" that's been playing all day on kids tv. And I really love the new book Jack got from his friend Noah about a mole that gets poo on his head and sets off to find out which animal did the dirty deed. 

The lows of my day? Well the sink blocked up and poor Craig spent a few hours dealing with it (that's what happens when you pour old pancake mix down there) and the cracker toys were awful. Even the plastic fish didn't curl up!  But the best crap cracker joke was this: What do vampires sing on New Years Eve? Old fang syne!

Now Craig & I are partaking in a few festive drinks and getting ready to watch Tropic Thunder. I love my life, my family, my friends and I feel lucky to be where I am, even if I do get homesick now & again. I hope you all had a fun day too.


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