Craig's 40th

It was Craig's 40th birthday yesterday so we went off to a cabin in the woods. The plan was 2-fold: we were going to lounge in a hot tub and he was going to hunt. He took his tree stand and shotgun and saw a few doe but he hasn't got one yet. Gun seasons ends Sunday then he could go out with his bow again until Feb next year. 

The cabin was in the Hocking Hills region on 25 acres of private hunting ground. Here's the view from our cabin as my OH comes down one of the hills after a hike. I ventured up a big hill with him too but I think I talked too much to get within 50 miles of a deer and by the time I got to the top my lungs were on fire and I was gasping and clutching my sides, so I scuttled back to the cozy cabin.

While Craig hunted I watched terrible romantic films that were in the cabin. "Fake Fiance", "Cinderella Story" and "A Walk to Remember" to name a few stinkers that I really embarrassingly enjoyed. There was no telly or cell phone reception at this place but hey - I had a bathroom and electricity and a HOT TUB  so I was not complaining.  We got in the hot-tub a couple of times, which was outside in the woods, and it was marvelous but I did think (1) the man that owns the cabin is video taping us and (2) we'll hear a rustle of leaves and then a black bear will jump in and bite my head off. I have so say though - there's not much that beats lying in a hot tub in the woods with your hottie.  
So gun season ends on Sunday and Craig has yet to get his bambi but this chap got 3! Sorry for the graphic picture but I was asking why they got hung up for 3 days and Craig said it's so the rigor mortis goes away before they process the meat. 

We got home this afternoon and started to get the house Christmassy by getting our real pine tree and it smells lovely. Jack and I also sat and wrote his letter to Santa. He's asking politely for a train and a track and a tunnel.


Emily said…
So did someone watch the kids for you? Sounds like a lovely time. Happy 40th to Craig!
Pam said…
Hi Emily, Yes - Linda stayed over. I had no cell phone service at the cabin so drove 10 miles to a gas station to call at least twice. I am definitely a hovering mum!
Clippy Mat said…
sounds like you had a great time.
happy 40th to your other half. he's just a young 'un.
those deer hanging up. i thought it was like blair witch or something.
Pam said…
Hi Clippy, Thanks for the good wishes. Blair witch exactly - they were hung up in a few places but not too many. I guess you only hang them up in public if you had a permit to shoot one in the first place :-)

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