Any more & we'll eat each other

This weekend was a little bit of a washout with Craig and Danny being sick but we've had some fun. Today I was VERY brave and took Jack to Chuck E Cheese - a place so hideous that I vowed never to go again. That's how desperate I've become to get my kids out of the house before we all eat each other.

So onto a few snow pictures 

and who's that geeking in the window?

Jack's snowman, wearing my Everton scarf. Yes I know we got beaten by Liverpool. And yes I know Man U won 5-0. Sometimes it's hard living with a Man U fan 

Here's a few neighbourhood snowmen that I snapped today ...

Spongebob and a tower of buckets (?)

Hey pretty lady

Mmm, call me dirty-minded but ..


Really no need for the flags and stick now is there

My local news just said 5-8 inches of snow coming tomorrow. Nooooooooooooooooooo!


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