Snow & Broken Toe!

It started snowing at 10 am this morning and it just keeps coming & coming. I was so worried about driving the minivan, it being a 2WD and thinking it would be sliding around like a cake tray, but it did great. And of course I drove like a 110-year old. So we're all home safe and sound and probably holed up for the weekend.  I am nursing a broken toe (stupid door) and Craig came home and went straight to bed with flu. What a pair of old gimmers we are.

I took this picture last weekend. Do you think he's trying to tell me something? In England this little gesture would not be a nice thing to do to your mummy. On Wednesday he got sick with ear infections and a bad cold, so it was back to the doctor and home again armed with bubblegum flavoured amoxycillin. I wish there was  a magic button I could press where I could switch places with my kids when they were sick. 

The only good thing about snow is watching your kids go sledding. Jack's friend has been over to play this week and watching them together is dead funny. They were hiding in cupboards to search for ghosts, chasing each other around as pirates, and pretending to be dogs. These are great times to be a mum. 

In regard to the snow, I am absolutely FED UP with it. Bugger off snow. Really. Bugger off. I want to cut my grass and drive without having palpitations. I want to see color and be able to take my kids to the park. I want to walk my dog and sit outside to drink my morning coffee. But Punxsutawney Phil said this week that we have 6 more weeks of winter. Smelly old  groundhog what does he know. 


Emily said…
Of course you can call! I don't think we'll be going anywhere in this weather.... sorry the boys are sick - ugh!

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