Get you off?

In America there is a cooking oil called Pam.  Craig's in taking-the-piss heaven at their latest commercial. 


Fredsueand me said…
"Relax pam helps you pull it off". can see a catch phrase there. micky taking gold for Craig!
Very funny ad, but I wouldn't have walked away with the pan would you Pam. Ax
Clippy Mat said…
good owld Pam. she's so....
Expat mum said…
Let me give you some trivia here - My friends great -grandfather invented the stuff and it's called PAM because it's a Product of Arthur Meyerhoff.
Pam said…
Hiya Lee, Yep. And he's milking it for all it's worth. And hoping of course ;-)
Hi Anne, No, would have knocked the bugger out and gone for a a pint with the girls. X
Clippy, At pulling it off? No! LOL. X
Expat, Wonderful! Now I can tell my hubby to stop taking the Michael. X

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