Snow, Sickness and One Fast Toddler

We've had a week of sickness and snow and it's been pretty miserable to be honest. All 4 of us have the lurgi and the damn snow just keeps piling up and up and up. Cold as buggery too. Sniff. 

I have been reading other people's blogs but I don't even have the energy to comment. Sorry. Also, I am in terrific trouble with family & friends for not ringing. Sorry again. I do have something mildly exciting to share today though. Danny is walking! 
I hope this lovely 50-second video makes up for my blogging and calling inadequacies.


Emily said…
oh my goodness, what a big boy! It's amazing how they go from babies to toddlers in a day's time. way to go, Danny!
mountainear said…
There will be no stopping him now - what a speedster.

Just been catching up with your snowy posts - that's a lot of snow. Hope it thaws for you soon.

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