Beauty and the Beast

Jack has taken to saying "I love you" a lot. He'll say "momma?" and I'll say "yes love?" and he says "I love you". Just like that, very matter-of-fact.  He does the same to Craig. Yesterday in the kitchen, Craig scooped him up for a hug and he patted his dad on the back and said "this makes me so happy".  Craig looked at me and I could tell on his face that his heart just swelled up like a balloon. As you can imagine, both Craig and I want this stage of Jack's life to last forever. He's so sweet and funny and imaginative. 

Danny, on the other hand, is a little terror. He'll walk around with his sippy-cup then he'll stop and take a big swig, lean back and go "arggh!" like he's a 30 year old man that just had a cold beer after mowing the lawn. God help you if you take away a toy or remove him from doing something, or take him out of the bath, because he'll fight you like a gladiator. And he picks the most dangerous thing in the house and plays with it. Last week I caught him chewing my laptop cable, while it was plugged in


mountainear said…
Just catching up - reading through all I've missed. Some snow!

Jack - and Danny - sound adorable in their different ways. Treasure those moments.
My grandsons sound similar to your 2 boys although the eldest is now 9. I have often heard him say to his Mummy and Daddy that he loves them and I'm lucky enough that he says it to me too. The youngest boy is now nearly 18 months old and "into everything". He knows no fear, a right little character! Your boys sound lovely and I expect you and Craig wonder how they can be such different characters. A
Expat mum said…
Makes you wonder how you can produce such different characters sometimes doesn't it?

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