The Lonestar State

I am blogging from a hotel foyer in Austin, Texas while I wait for my shuttle to the airport. I'm really excited about walking in my front door at home tonight and seeing my husband and tip-toeing into the kids room's to give them a kiss while they sleep. 
As I was leaving on Friday morning Danny had a high fever and was sick so Craig had to take the day off work and take him to a doctor where he got diagnosed with strep. While I've been in the Lonestar state all weekend, poor Craig has been at home with a sick 1-year old, a looney 3 and a half year old, and a snowy blizzard going on outside. I owe him for this one folks. I see a weekend of deer hunting in the fall where I will have to keep quiet and act like a cheery and accommodating wife, which isn't one of my usual traits!

So anyway, Austin is lovely. In true Texas style, things are big - including the state capital building which is 2 ft. bigger than the capital building in Washington DC as my proud taxi driver told me on the way over here. The accent is adorable and something I could listen to all day. They say ya'll quite a bit and they open doors for women - chivalry is not dead! The party place is 6th Street, which reminded me of a calmer Bourbon Street or a cowboy version of Beale Street. The Lonestar beer was nasty but had to be partaken purely because of it's name. I like it here a lot I really do - it's culturally diverse and there's music playing everywhere and there's no snow.

Talking of snow. I'm off to get my shuttle bus so I can get back to snowy Ohio. Back to my lovely hubby and my gorgeous boys. And I am going to get them both a pair of cowboy boots from the airport shops. You have to really don't you ... 


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