Avatar was Brilliant (and saved my weekend)

Another weekend of sickness and snow. Of being holed up in the house with 2 kids while we are all hacking up. This morning, just to really put a cherry on the cake of poo, Danny got a full-on body rash that had me calling doctors again. Woooo, Happy Valentine's Day! There were some high points over the weekend of course. At one point I gave up on trying to keep busy and just hung out with the kids and we had fun. I have spent a large portion of the weekend as "policeman mummy", putting Jack in pretend prisons and chasing him around.

We also got to watch a lot of telly & films (hey, I'm not Mary Poppins). We watched Bolt & Monsters Inc, both of which Jack loved. Craig and I got to watch our favourite "Spartacus" on Starz on Friday night. Last night we watched the new film "Moon". I was excited to see it because I like Sam Rockwell and the plot sounded good. It was okay I suppose, watchable. Some people have raved about it but I wouldn't go that far. 
Today, we did manage to leave the house for 3 hours and go to see Avatar.  Ohhh, we loved it. Loved it, loved it. I'm trying to think of another movie over the years that has affected me quite like this - maybe The Lord of the Rings or Titanic. On the web tonight I was reading that some people have got depressed since watching the film because they want to live on Pandora, or because they have lost faith in humankind.  I can understand that, I really can. Not that I'm depressed or looney or anything but you really do get into it and feel part of the community of Pandora. Those of you that haven't seen it will think I've finally lost my marbles. Hopefully those of you that have seen it will understand what I'm saying.

So the Oscars are in 20 days and I have seen 4 of the 9 nominated best movies. My favourites are:

1. Avatar
2. District 9
3. Up
4. Precious

I have not seen Hurt Locker (the favourite?), Up in the Air, An Education, Serious Man, Inglorious Basterds, or Blind Side.  Craig will probably watch all of these other films with me except Blind Side as he has some kind of unfathomable hatred for Sandra Bullock.  I am kind of the same about Colin Farrell. There's no reason for it either. Bizarre don't you think. 


Clippy Mat said…
I feel that way about Julia Roberts! not sure why, she's down nowt to me.
I now am dying to see avatar still haven't seen precious but i will soon.
i really liked district 9 and hurt locker. both great.
glad you got out. you can only spend so much time being policeman mummy' before you go insane.
get well soon
Clippy Mat said…
of course i meant to say Julia Roberts has DONE nowt to me.

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