Thursday, February 04, 2010

Morning Madness

One morning last week I was running late because the kids were playing up. I was flustered and when I finally got in the car to go to work, I pulled the sun visor down and Craig's sunglasses dropped into my coffee cup, splashing my white shirt with coffee. It was just so ludicrous that I burst out laughing and went back inside to change. Then on the way to work I nearly ran out of petrol and nearly got hit by another car. That was a corking morning, wouldn't you agree.

This morning as I was just out of the shower with wet hair I heard Danny making peculiar noises so went to investigate and found vomit everywhere - crib, floor, hair, bedding, chair. You name it. As I'm on my knees cleaning it up, Jack comes wandering in, all sleepy with hair stuck up like Cindy Lauper, demanding binoculars so he can look out for pirates. I look at Danny, grinning at me, with lumps of sick in his hair. I look at Jack, grinning at me and saying "arrrrr" like a pirate and I wonder what on earth my mornings used to be like before I had kids.

Boring or bliss? I can't remember now.


brian said...

I bet everything was the same. Funny noises. Vomit everywhere. On your knees cleaning it up. Hair stuck up like Cindy Lauper. Demanding things that don't make sense. The only difference is now you have kids doing it for you. Funny how life is. :)

Pam said...

Brian. I still have mornings like that. Thanks for making me laugh mate!

Fredsueand me said...
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Fredsueand me said...

bliss! i dont know what we did with our time before, we certanly were not as productive, creative, patient demented or tired. we wouldnt swap it though eh! x x

Pam said...

Hiya Lee, You're right wouldn't change it for anything. How are you all? I'll be ringing tomorrow and been thinking of you all constantly. Love X

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