Batty Ben & Roald Dahl

Ben the batty dog continues on his path to destroy the house, this time eating the duvet on my bed. I think I might just have thwarted his poo-eating though. He's been eating Cody's each time he goes into the garden which is just about the foulest thing I've ever seen. He even stands behind Cody and waits for him to finish the dirty deed. If I see him I shout at him and I can run outside sometimes and get to it first (to sling it out of course, not to enjoy a nibble myself) but for the last few days when I've been doing my clean-up duty in the garden I have not been finding any of Cody's which means Ben has been eating the lot. He's quite partial to cat hairballs too the dirty bugger. Anyway, I bought some pills yesterday that I can put in Cody's food and apparantly it makes dog poo taste foul enough that Ben won't eat it. Doesn't it taste foul enough? I asked my dog-loving co-worker, to which she replied that to a dog it can sometimes be like a nice bit of pate. The good news is that this morning as I was leaving for work I saw Cody's poo in the garden - untouched! Victory! I never thought I'd be so happy to pick up dog poo when I get home.

Moving on from that gross subject, I just read two FAB books by Roald Dahl about his early life - "The Boy" is about his childhood in Wales & England and the follow-up "Going Solo" is about his time in South Africa and during WW2. Each is just a small paperback & thoroughly enjoyable. I definitely recommend both of them.


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