Always a Silver Lining

The bad thing about having a horrendous stomach bug this week was nearly passing out while I was teaching and having my students all around me asking lamely "are you okay?" while looking like they wanted to run away. The good thing was that I lost 6 pounds in 48 hours.

The bad thing about the thunderstorm last night was that it kept me awake all night and I am shattered today, but I spent the entire time during the storm cuddling up with my dog, Cody, who had jumped up onto the bed next to me in fear of the storm. Cody hasn't slept with me in weeks, probably because he feels crappy with his cancer.

The bad thing about this time of year for me is that a part of my job and the boy's school year is all coming to a close at the same time, which feels somewhat like a large wooly afghan rug being thrown over my head so that I'm completely disorientated and fumbling about like an idiot. But it also means it's just a few weeks till summer and I'm so excited about the stuff we have planned and visitors from England.

The bad thing about having to dish out FIVE different pills to my dogs every day is that it feels wrong in so many ways, not just for them but because of my upbringing. Having my dogs on medicine feels luxurious and pretentious, when in reality we are working class and we make-do. But the good news is that the meds are working. Ben has been left out of his crate now for a  week without destroying the house and the swelling in Cody's neck is down. So I have to keep telling myself that I am completely justified in spending a gazilloin dollars each month in visits and pills.


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