Spring Break & Booked our Hols!

It's been a fab day (even if I have developed a sore throat/stuffy head thing). I took the day off work to take the boys out with friends and now they are lounging in the front room with their dad watching Star Wars. I'm back to work tomorrow but have 1 more day this week with them. It's been a little slice of heaven.
Also today I booked 5 nights at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park this summer! We'll have a fully furnished cabin on the campsite and there's loads of kids activities and a pool. Hopefully we won't end up having to eat the camp-site petting zoo like we did last year. There's even stuff for parents in the evening so maybe I can drag Craig up for a bit of karaoke. He's a bit of a dark horse but once he's had a few beers he's belt out Quanta LaMera like the best wedding singer you ever heard. I'm so excited that it's actually a bit sad isn't it. Some women get excited at 5 nights in a swanky hotel in Paris and I'm happy to take my kids on a hay ride with Yogi Bear. How much I've changed! I still have to book another 3 nights somewhere else for the same holiday so that's next on my list of "to dos".

And Cody is going to see the vet Friday. So fingers crossed for him (and us) please.


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