43rd Birthday Bonanza!

It is safe to say that I had the best 43rd birthday weekend imaginable!

Last Thursday night Craig treated me to a night out to see Noel Gallagher & The High Flying Birds. He and I had such a good night. We drank beer, we laughed, we rocked it like a pair of old English fogeys. THFB were a great band and I like their music but it was really special when Noel sang some of the old Oasis stuff like "Supersonic" and "Look back in anger". The first time I saw Oasis was at Sheffield Arena in 1993! Told you I was an old fogey.

Friday I had to go to a seminar and sit in a room while the speakers educated us on algal blooms in Lake Erie. Fascinating stuff hey, but I was itching to get out of there because Friday night I met with friends at a local pub to really celebrate. A friend was also turning 40 so there were a few couples and some friends from work and I had the best time. At one point a big storm came over and the tornado sirens were going off so we all huddled away from the loud noise of the bar and called our respective babysitters. I was so relieved when mine said not to worry and keep partying. Not that I was willing to let my children get carried away to Kansas or anything, but I haven't been out with friends in years and good grief did I enjoy it!

Saturday Craig took the boys to soccer while I slept in and recovered (why oh why did I do cherry bomb shots?) then we were off to see friends Debbie & Lynne who live in London (Ohio, not Old Blighty). They cooked us a wonderful dinner and we had chocolate cake. Danny sang Happy Birthday to me twice which was lovely. They had also set up an Easter egg hunt for the boys with cute little bug themed eggs and treats inside. The kids loved it. Then they took me for a pedicure and we had a good old girlie natter while the three of us were seated at the foot spas. I love these friends, they are so thoughtful. They are also huge dog lovers and when Lynne bent down to give Cody a hug I had to choke back a few tears.

Yesterday it was Craig's turn for a lie-in so I took the boys to a local Mickey-Ds play area then we hung out and did yard work. I was in bed by 9pm absolutely knackered out! The lesson learned is that I can party like a 23-year old but I certainly can't recover like one.

Thanks to my husband for making it such an ace birthday and for my lovely presents from the boys. I feel extremely lucky to have him. And thanks to friends and family that made it so special. I should be completely recovered by about June.


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