Ben's Bin Escapades

It's been a busy weekend as usual. Both kids had events at their schools that I was involved with and helped set-up and we've got a big chunk of gardening done. We also had a trip to urgent care as Jack has strep throat and an ear infection, and Ben gave me a slight heart-attack.  And we got to finally watch War Horse which I liked but thought was a bit cheesy in parts.

Jack pretending he's a Jedi Knight 

Danny looking on in amusement

The boys at Jack's school event. It reminded me of the village fetes I had as a kid, with basic games and prizes. I can still remember the excitement I felt, so it was great to see the boys get so giddy about it.  Today we went to Danny's school art show. We took a picture of him with his art but he looks fed-up so I won't post it.

I have planted 100 Castor oil plants for staff appreciation week at Jack's school and my friend Heather is making some tags that say "Thanks for helping me grow!" They don't look like much right now but they get to be big (6ft) and have bold purple leaves. The seeds however are poisonous if eaten so we've made sure to write that on the tag. I had a few seeds left so threw them away and Ben got into the bin and I didn't know if he'd eaten them. It only takes 11 seeds to kill a dog so I had a panic attack about it but I think he didn't eat them as he seems ok. Phew.  He is such a bonkers hound.

So it's back to work tomorrow and it's a big week again for events at Jack's school. And it's MAY already! I'm so glad it's May.


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