Effort Award for Jack

Jack is one of the youngest in his class by as much as 10 months in some cases, but both Craig and I feel we made the right decision sending him to Kindergarten this year and not waiting another year. It was a tough decision and I know mums that have made a different call.
So I'm happy with my decision but always a little nervous at school awards ceremonies because Jack isn't in the advanced reading group and so far he hasn't won a big award. Not to worry. We tell him that effort is what counts and we are very proud of him.

Still, at today's ceremony he stood at the front and chewed his nails as his teacher read names out ..

And then she called his! At this point I got a little lump in the old throat. Sentimental fool.

She grabbed his shoulders and motioned me to get his picture. Probably because she could see me grinning like a Cheshire cat at the back of the gym.

I'm so proud of him. It says he got it for tremendous effort, which is what I want from him in life.

Afterwards I sauntered past his classroom as it always makes me smile to see the kid's artwork pinned outside. Last time he had drawn a picture of Martin Luther King and written "I have a dream to work at Toys R Us". This time the kids had made pictures of themselves with Dr. Seuss hats on and said what their favourite book was. Jack likes "Bartholomew & the Oobleck" but has actually really got into all of the Dr. Seuss books lately.

Then when we got home he also fished a "Got caught being good" award out of his bag. Apparently he found a 4-leaf clover at recess and gave it to his teacher. Bless. I am really enjoying this age. I wish I could keep him at five forever.


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