Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Marathon Day

What a marathon day today was. It started with an 8am breakfast at Jack's school, followed by teaching most of the day, a trip to the vets with Ben and then a PTA meeting tonight. Craig also took Jack to soccer in the middle of that. It really is no wonder that I haven't hoovered in a week. Ben's black hair is clinging to the skirting boards, nagging me each time I walk past it. I'm trying really hard to ignore it today & will not be able to get to it until at least Friday night as I'm teaching tomorrow night again.

Ben was at the vets tonight with a dicky back leg. He has been limping and can't put too much weight on it. The general consensus from the vet was that he has a sprained knee, which resulted in more medicine and a $70 bill. Sigh. So now he's on 3 pills a day and I think we've probably spent about $500 this month on vet bills. The good news is that twice today I have left him out of his crate for over an hour while I've been gone and each time he has been perfectly well behaved. On the way back from the vets I was thinking about the lady that ran from her house during a tornado and left behind her dog and wedding ring then talked about her relief at finding the ring the next day in the rubble that was left of her house. She also mentioned the dog but wasn't quite so enthusiastic. I think Ben and Cody are worth far more than any jewelry and I could never leave them or treat them as anything less than a family member. I cannot bear the thought of the decision I'm going to have to make soon about Cody and yet there are people that have dogs tied to a kennel outside of their house, never letting them in the house or giving them love and attention. That just completely baffles me.

So now I am going to sit and muck about on Facebook for a while with a cold one, and then read my new book "The fault in our stars" by John Green. It's actually fiction (I haven't read a fiction book for ages!) and I'm loving it. I'm trying really hard not to love the young girl who narrates because I know it's not going to end well for her, but it's such an enthralling book that I was totally into it by the 3rd page. Then I'm going to crash in bed and spoon Ben, since he has taken it upon himself to claim the middle of the bed as his own and he will not be budged.

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