Caving in to Kid Pressure

Against my better judgment I took Jack to school this morning. He complained of a sore throat last night and he felt a little hot this morning but he didn't have a fever and he begged to go. I know he doesn't feel 100% but he begged and pleaded and assured me that he feels okay.  The reason for all of this is not that he adores learning, oh no. The reason is that he desperately wants the 100% attendance trophy that he'll get at the end of the school year (he had 1 minor blip when he got sent home a couple of months ago but he's allowed one strike).  I have not encouraged this at all and even told him this morning that I'll make him a trophy and get him a gift for being so good about going to school, but he pleaded and I let him go.

I don't feel good about taking him to school so I pulled a teacher, Mr. B.. aside and told him to keep an eye on my little fella just in case. I feel like a bad parent and I'm expecting a phone call from nursey at any minute. I keep telling myself these days that being his parent is more important than him liking me, but when he cried his heart out this morning I caved. What a wimp.

I knew it!  1pm the call from the nurse came and he's poorly, throwing up and looking whitish-green. Poor lad. I hope he recovers for his big school event tomorrow :-(


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