Milestones & Manilow

What a great day. The big news of the day is that Jack can now ride his bike without training wheels. His friend Lauren did it last night so he asked this morning if we'd take the wheels off and Craig took him out onto the parking lot and held onto the back of his seat for a few steps, then Jack said "Let go Daddy" and Craig said "I already have buddy" and he was off, just like that. Another little milestone reached for my boy. Danny ran after him with a big grin on his face.

Tonight I went with some girlfriends to see Barry Manilow! My friend Sallie had got the tickets and it was great. The place was packed with 20,000 people of all ages and the audience was just crazy for him. He got two standing ovations. Even if you are not a Barry lover, you'd have had to admit after you saw him tonight that he can really belt out a tune. He sang all the classics and had me dancing at least twice (Can't smile without you & Copacabana)

Sallie told me that last time she saw him he sang the Weekend in New England lyrics "When will our eyes meet?" and a lady in the crowd shouted "Tonight!", then he sang "When can I touch you" and she shouted "Tonight!" and he carried on "When will this strong feeling end?" - you can guess what she kept shouting until Barry stopped singing and said "Who is that?"  There were equally crazy people tonight including a very masculine sounding man near us who kept belting out "I LOVE you Barry!" My favourite bit was when he showed original film footage from 1978 of him singing Mandy and then  he sat down at his piano and did a duet with himself, doing a really good harmony. I've taken a bit of good-natured stick about going to see him tonight but he put on a great show and between his voice and his piano skills he showed he still has it, even after two hip replacements, bless 'im!


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