6 Random Things, Copied from Mountainear

Mountainear tagged me to say 6 random things about myself. To put a new twist on it, I'm going to copy her 6 and write my own answers ...

1. Which member of the Royal Family would I be for an afternoon? I also would like to be The Queen, mainly so I could spend an afternoon hanging out in Buckinham Palace, waving at the plebs outside my gates. I'd have to send the corgis out of the house though - too much yapping would ruin the moment.

2. Tall or Short? I love being tall and wouldn't change it for the world. Even having the accompanying size 10 feet and lanky arms that most shirts aren't long enough for, is worth it.

3. Things that have stuck with you: Every single time I think of a bike, or see someone riding a bike, I sing a stupid jingle in my head "Buy a bike, buy a bike, get down to Charnock Richard Cycles, and buy a bike!" It's a jingle that's been around for 20 years in England and still haunts me. I'm singing it now, damn it.

4. The Aurora Borealis was supposedly visible from Ohio several years ago, so we (me, Craig, Char & Jan) set off one night to see it. We sat in the park, got hysterically drunk, peed in the bushes, saw nothing and went home.

5. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I changed my mind as I realised that my favourite smell in the world was my son, Jack.

6. Tags? No more for me either. This is officially my last one. Thanks for asking me though.

As per the tagging rules, I'm sending this to 6 people to answer these same questions and post them on their blogs: Mountainear (kind of a cheat as she's already done it), Emily, Jen, Mommy Daisy, Oma, and Kelsey


Mommy Daisy said…
Thanks for the tag. I will do this, but I'm going to change it a bit. Hope you don't mind. ;)
Kelsey said…
As seems to be the trend, I'm also going to put my own spin on the six things! Thanks for the tag. :-)

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