Our Beautiful Baby

I had an ultrasound yesterday. Our newest family member is now 2.5 inches long, with all the right bits and pieces and a heartbeat of 158/minute. When I exclaimed "that's faster than Jack's rate was, it must be a girl!", the nurse looked at me with disdain so I sheepishly asked "is that an old wives tale?" and she sighed "yessssss".

I tried really hard to see if there was any sign of the sex yet but it's too early. I was so excited I blurted out "can we see if it's a girl or a boy yet?" and the nurse looked at me again with disdain and sighed "nooooo".

I think this ultrasound picture is very cool. I've sharpened it up in Photoshop and cropped it and spun it around, to make it look like our child is stood, facing the left.

Look at that lovely face! Craig says (s)he looks like Jack. What do you think?


Emily said…
Beautiful! Ultrasounds are so exciting, aren't they? A little glimpse at what's to come. Oh, I can't WAIT until you find out. Have I told you that I know 2 other people due the same week as you? Babies all around...
Jen said…
Such a cool photo! I loved seeing our babies at each ultrasound...technology is amazing!
Pam said…
Emily: I knew about Charity but who is the 2nd?

Jen: I'm tempted to do the 3D ultrasound but seems a bit expensive..
Hi Pam - thank you for sharing your ultrasound photo - I agree with Emily they are beautiful and thrilling. I so wish they had been available when I was expecting my babies (40 years ago).
We have a new grandchild (a boy we believe) expected in September.

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