Bitey Bitey

I was at work in a meeting yesterday when my phone started vibrating and I peeked down at it to see the day care ringing me. I left the room thinking of course that something horrible had happened. I rang back and they didn't answer*, then neither did Craig, so just for a moment I was struck blind with panic, convinced something awful had happened to Jack and I couldn't find out what.

I did finally get through to Craig and found out that one of the other kids had bitten Jack on the arm. Nothing serious, no broken skin but it did leave a bright red circle of teeth marks on his forearm. His friend got jealous as Jack was playing with another boy so decided to put an end to any kind of developing new friendship and gave our Jack a warning "hey my friend, play with me!".

Day care spoke to the biter's parents and to the bitees parents (us) and even offered for us all to get together for a parent conference, which seems a bit extreme. I mean, they're TWO. Isn't biting pretty common? I'm also not wanting to make a big fuss based on the fact that it very easily could have been my son chomping down on some other kids arm. They aren't very, erm, civilized at this age if you know what I mean.

As for Jack, well he's the star of the moment and spent all last night holding up the wrong arm and saying "bitey bitey!"

*In future they'll leave me a voicemail, to avoid giving me a heart attack.


Emily said…
Based on the title I thought you were going to say that Jack was the biter. So I'm relieved, I'd much rather get the "bitten" call than "biter" call, wouldn't you?

And my heart would've stopped in that moment, too. Shew!

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