It's a Girl!

I'm joking, I'm joking!

There's no way I'll find out for another 8 or 9 weeks at least. But I do feel different this time and:

* I crave fruit and sweets

* I seem to be putting weight on all around me, like the Michelin Man. I looked like I'd swallowed a basketball with Jack

* My boobs hurt. No, more than hurt - bloody kill me actually

* I'm dead tired

*I sleep with my head facing south (yes I know it sounds stupid but I didn't invent the Old Wives's tales. It also doesn't explain Jack.)

* I don't eat the bread crust (just where do they get these premonitions from?)

* I am a bit more sick (but not much)

By the way, we'll be overjoyed with this baby no matter what the gender is, but it is fun to try and guess.


Emily said…
That would be so fun if it is a girl. But I'm so used to you having Jack, I had a hard time imagining you with a daughter. (but of course I'm getting ready to stumble all over myself with a son) I can't wait until you find out - so fun!!
Jen said…
I had morning sickness with all 3 pregnancies, but it was definitely worse and lasted longer with the girls. Hopefully yours will end soon and you'll get that 2nd trimester "burst of energy" (yeah, right!).
jenny said…
hi poo could be a girl. if you love sweets its a sign. another little jack would be good. i love pic of him concentrating on the peas. if you feel like death and tired thats a sign too. oh well 8 weeks to find out
Pam said…
Hey Emily: I also find it hard to imagine me with a daughter and I keep referring to my bump as "he"

Jen: I'm praying for the second trimester burst!

Poo: About time you got on here - now start a blog. PLEASE!

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