Weird Names

I was reading on CNN this morning that a young girl just got a court order to have her name changed. Her parents named her (wait for it) .... Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii
Are they insane?

Now I've known girls called Gemma Haggerty-Woo and Strawberry Fields, and there was once a graduate student I took classes with who's second name was Dickshit. I particularly like it when their name is connected to what they do. At work, our HR lady's 2nd name was "Severence", which is just too much of a coincidence.

Not all funny names are universal though - one of my friends in England had a bank manager called Nicholas Tart, which in England translates into "non-panty wearing slut", but doesn't mean anything in America, which is probably why no one ever laughs when I tell them about it.

Well I took today off to get stuff done on the house, so I'd better get to it...


Emily said…
My Granny tells me stories of friends of hers when she was growing up name Ivan Odor and Ima Pig. Seriously. Then when I worked for the schools there were lots of funny kids names, including Scarlet Anne Grey, and of course Orangejello and his sister Lemonjello. (emphasis on the middle syllable so it doesn't sound like you named your kids after flavors of JELLO. I also went to jr. high with a kid named J.C. (not of Mexican decent) whose full name was Jesus Christ. Gutsy, don't you think?
Pam said…
I love those names!!!
If you read the CNN story you'll see that one guy has named himself "In God" with his second name "We Trust".
Bet he's not married.
mountainear said…
I read that story today too. - how about those people (men I guess) who name their children after the whole cup winning football team. Duh?

.....can I tag you too? 6 random things about yourself?
Pam said…
In a moment of weakness (and stupidity) we might have done the same thing when jack was born in 2006, only we never made it past the Portugal semi-final.
Yes, I'll consider myself tagged, thanks!

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