Housing Conundrum

We live in a ranch house, which in England would be called a bungalow, except that this is America, so it's HUGE.

The 3 bedrooms are right next to each other and there have been times when we've had overnight guests & it's been an issue. Many a time I've had a few glasses of plonk before bedtime, got up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, then realised as I'm washing my hands that I'm naked and must perform the 3-yard dash back to my room praying that I won't slip on the wood floors, wake up guests and have to lie there naked with broken legs while the ambulance comes.

Anyway, Jack is 2 doors down from us, and the guests sleep in the middle right now, but that will be the new baby's room.

So where will our vistors sleep? Well, we can either (1) sell the house and buy a 4 bedroom (2) convert our finished basement into a cool little "granny flat".

Shopping for a 4-bedroom house sounds like fun but selling our current house sounds like hell. The market is awful right now and we went though all that stress just 3 years ago. UGH.

Decorating a granny flat sounds like fun but building it sounds like hell. Building walls, drywall dust, moving drains, running electric. UGH.

Of course I could just tell vistors to bugger off and get a motel. Or offer them the smelly basement couch that my 2 cats have ruined (damn their furry backsides). Or maybe pitch our tent in the back garden and tell them to pee in the bushes. Only kidding mum - we'd let you in to use the toilet.


Emily said…
As you know, we were in this exact situation last year. (except that creating the 4th bedroom didn't require any construction, so that was easier, obviously) I think the lesser of the 2 hells would be doing something with the basement for your guests. Plus I love your house! Especially the location, it's a great place. But that's just my opinion. :)
Jen said…
I'm with Emily. Moving while pregnant and having a toddler to look after don't sound like fun to me. We put in a pull-down stairway and floored our attic when I was pregnant (with twins at the time) in 2006. I was so sick and the mess was awful (our plaster ceiling fell and had to be replaced), but it was so nice when it was finished. I'd go with finishing the basement, but that's just me. Hope you are feeling well and are almost past the queasy stage!
Fredsueand me said…
i agree, basement refurb. its got to be less hassel, will add value as well, dont know what your housing market is doing but if its anything like ours, moving at the mement is a no no, everyone seems to be building on their houses at the moment, our house is one of the only ones not extended in the street. oh and you would have to start wearing pj's. we have not been to your new place yet but it looks fantastic and in a good location, your never gonna be as close to a school for jack and his brothr/sister either. hope your all well. lee x x x
Eric said…
You guys better not move anywhere unless it's closer to us! The basement refurb. is the best option right now and will add equity to your lovely house, which is in an already very stabile, to appreciating neighborhood. I love to paint and can help with drywall too. You guys can handle at least 2 more rug-rats before you need to move. Eric
I think there's another option Pam that doesn't require any moving or construction - share. My two younger kids have shared a room for 6 years. An 8 year old boy and a 6 year old girl have had no problem sharing their bedroom. They don't spend much time in there anyway. When they have a sleep-over there's already another bed in the room (and the sibling will come sleep with us).


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