Captain Catcher!

Jack's had a great weekend of pool time and swimming and parks and sunshine. All those things you love as a kid.

His vocabluarly has gone bonkers lately too and he's saying new words every day. He's also singing and dancing and just being so engaging with everyone. That's a word I'd use to describe him at the moment - engaging. One of my favourite things he says to me is when he calls me darling sometimes, like I do him.

For months now he's been getting pretty good at throwing and kicking a ball around but today he learned to catch! So we played catch a lot - in the house, in the garden and at the local pool. Here's a little video of him practicing his new skill ...

Lastly, we had a great weekend - had friends over for a cook-out last night and we started working on the house again (we go through cycles of hardcore DIY and then hardcore couch potato-ness). It was sad to talk on the phone this weekend with Jan and Char, 2,000 miles away and homesick. And I didn't call my family in England (sorry, will catch up this week). My only excuse is that I got stuck into a good book and I can't put it down.
I'll blog more later, as Mountainear has tagged me....


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