A Big Day for Jack: Potty Time!

After his bath tonight, while we were putting his pyjamas on, Jack looked at me and said "potty potty!", so I scooped him up and sat him on his little practice potty in his room and carried on with what I was doing. I didn't really pay much attention as he sits on it a lot and he's never actually done anything in there.

So imagine my surprise when he jumped off, said "mummy!", pointed inside it and showed me, with great pride, his first "deposit".

Craig and I made a big deal about it, cheering and dancing and telling him what a little genius he was and then we emptied it down the loo, waved "bye bye" to it and let him flush the toilet. Then we danced and cheered a bit more! He was so pleased with himself and continued to sing about it long after we'd tried to put him down to sleep.

What a momentous occasion for him! Our little boy is starting to be potty trained. One less thing I'll be able to do for for our independent little boy.

I did find it hilarious all the singing and dancing we did about poo. Having toilet humour ourselves, I think me and Craig relish the thought of being able to make songs up about poo for the next 6 months. I may even get into the habit of waving it goodbye, which is a bit too strange.


Emily said…
Wow...he POOPED?!?! I've always heard that it's a lot easier to get them to pee, and that it's really tough to get them to poop - so that is a HUGE success! Way to go, Jack, what a big boy you are!

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