Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three Book Reviews: Soon to be Movies!

1) On the way to England last month I picked up "How Starbucks Saved my Life" at the airport and read it. It's about a yuppie executive that finds himself down-and-out in NY. An eye-opener for him but a look at normalcy for us. I enjoyed it but felt all the way through that he was still thinking he was in the wrong place, like he was doing the rest of us plebs a favour by living in our world. I''m interested to see if I like the character (Tom Hanks I believe) in the movie.

2) On the way back from England I read "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" on a recommendation from my mum. It's about the holocaust, so needless to say it made me cry on the plane - how embarrassing. The woman next to me did all she could to avoid eye contact. Anyway, I finished it about half-way over the Atlantic, so then twiddled my thumbs for 4 hours. It's a short read, not too taxing and somewhat predictable but it's a story that's stayed with me. Can't wait to drag Gina to the movies with me and have a girly night out: popcorn and a good cry!

3) This week I just finished "The Life of Pi" and I'm still in the post-book mood. I can't stop thinking about it and even read the end again yesterday, something I think I lot of people would do with this book. All I'll say is this - if you read the back cover you'll think the book sounds so stupid & far-fetched you won't read it, but please do. It's not what you think it is, trust me. I can't wait for this movie and will probably try and drag Craig kicking & screaming. Hopefully they'll run it at Studio 35 - our local cinema that serves beer. That usually works.

Next, I want to read "The Oxford Project" but it costs $30. But hey, Christmas is coming and someone who reads this blog and sleeps in my bed might buy it for me (not you, dog).


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hi Pam - I have read "life of Pi" - great story, didn't realise it was going to be made into a film.

Your comment about crying over "Boy in Striped Pyjamas" which I haven't read but will look out for, actually made me smile because on my way back from Australia I was reading "Wife in the North". As you have already read this you will probably guess that I was crying with laughter at times and almost sobbing at others.
A great book and thank you for it. I have read some really good books lately and my daughter often passes on good ones too. Will let you have some titles.

A x

Fredsueand me said...

loved starbucks book and life of pi, both great reads, especially pi, that book is bonkers in the best possible sense of the word.

mountainear said...

Must agree about Life of Pi. Batty - same as bonkers.

I've just read Louis de Berniers 'Birds without wings' Excellent narrative and attention to detail.This is a story about people and conflict so potential for tears here. And rage at mans' stupidity.

For light relief try 'Cranford' - Elizabth Gaskell.

Pam said...

Hi Anne: Glad you enjoyed the book - I think of her lost child a lot and it makes me so sad. Id welcome any and every suggestion you have for reading!

Lee, Sue & Fred: Everyone I know has read it. I'm lagging behind!!

Mountainear: Thanks so much for the suggestions! I really like the sound of the first one and have already put it on my "next book to buy" list. Right now I just cracked open "A lesson before dying" by Ernest J Gaines.