Saturday, August 01, 2009

Danny-D at 6 Months

As my friend Emily said on a recent post, these blogs are actually baby journals for the modern woman, so I'm going to record our Danny's stats from this weeks doctors visit and a few milestones.

I've give him a nickname and I have no idea where it came from. For about 3 weeks now I've been calling him "Danny D"  which is odd considering his middle name is Lewis. I tried to convince myself it means Danny Darling but that wasn't the original idea - it just seemed to rhyme or something. It must be catchy though as Craig calls him Danny D too. By the way, Jack's nickname since he was a newborn is "Munchie" or "Munch". Again, I have no stinking idea where these things come from but it's stuck.

Anyway, on to Danny's stats:
Height = 28 inches so he's in the 95th %-ile
Weight = 21 lbs 10.5 ozs so he's in the 97th %-ile

He's now on number 2 baby food and eating three meals a day. The pediatrician told me Danny will talk me into feeding him normal food probably much sooner than Jack did. He'll probably be on t-bone steaks by Christmas and might a future contender in the international hot dog eating contest.

He's sitting up now which means he'll be able to sit in a shopping trolley and I can ditch the car seat. With Danny in it, it weighs a ton and I'm beginning to look like Fatima Whitbread by lugging it around everywhere. 

He's so cute and so friendly and got such chubby kissable cheeks I just can't get enough of him. Today in the park a couple were cooing over him and the man said to his wife "Awww, can we have another one?"

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