Dreaming of Tropstiples

Jack woke up this morning and came into the kitchen rubbing his eyes, looking confused and whining "I want pRomsTipcAls".
Big whine now, and some minor crying "prmospola"
More whining, more crying, slight hysteria "portugpos"
You want to go to Portugal?
"Noooooo! possiblels"
You're impossible?
"NOOOOO!" Major crying now "topsicals"
You want Tutzy-girl? (our cat)
I realise I'm not being helpful so I lift the little fella onto my lap and ask him to calm down and tell me in a non-whining voice what it is he actually wants. He sniffs and rubs his eyes.
Okay love. I have no idea what you are saying. Can you show me?
Wriggles off my lap, crying again and really whines "Plobsticas in the fwidge"
Okay, now I'm getting somewhere. Show me where in the fridge.
He opens the freezer and points to a fluorescent green icy-pop. "Propsticals!"
Ahhhhh, popsicles. No, you can't have one till after your breakfast.
Total whiny, crying meltdown ensues till I serve him his breakfast.
Danny looks on, chewing bits of banana and wondering what all the malarkey is about.

Where on earth did all THAT come from? He must have dreamt of popsicles!

And now, after 30 posts ...

Now that it's over I'm going to hide for a few days. I'll be back after Craig's 40th birthday, when I'll have a hangover and he'll hopefully have a bambi.


Mommy Daisy said…
Congrats! We did finish. Long month, but good. Time to rest now. ;)
Fredsueand me said…
well done pam. i may not have commented on many of your posts but me and sue have been reading them, in fact i forgot it was the 1st and logged on to see your latest post. tell craig good luck finding bambi (dont tell sue i said that though) hope your al well take care. lee x x
mountainear said…
Well done Pam - all good reading.

Give me a nudge next year - I could do with a challenge.
Clippy Mat said…
Well done Pam. I've enjoyed reading them all.
and I knew what the little fella wanted.
Hope he got one bless him.
enjoy your time off.
Pam said…
Hi MD: Yeah right, rest! You know you'll be at it in no time again!

Hey-up Mr Miggins:Doing great thanks. Glad Noah got his parcel XXX

Hello Mountainear - You're on for next year!

Hiya Clippy: My toddler-speak is terrible and the poor chap gets frustrated with me. I wish I had your ear! Not literally of course.

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