Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Best Welcome Home Ever

I got home tonight after 3 days away and it was LOVELY!

When we landed I texted Craig "Just touched down" and he replied " We watched and waved". The girl sitting next to me* probably thought I was a loon because I did a big contented sign and smiled like a Cheshire cat.

When I got to the car I opened the back door to put my bag in and Jack was straining to turn around in his seat saying 'Mama I missed you, I love you!" and Danny was kicking his legs and shouting "Mama mama mama!", with this huge grin. There is NOTHING better than a welcome like that. Except of course the big kiss from my husband :-) I looked at both of my lads and thought that it's only been two days I've not seen them but they are different. Have changed. Especially Danny. He even said a new word - "Jack!"

On the way home I gave out the gifts and as Jack got his Lego he looked confused for a second and said "Lego! I said Buzz and Woody ...." Then stopped himself. I said "Did you want the Buzz & Woody Lego you saw?" and he looked sincerely like he didn't want to hurt my feelings and said "Yes, but I love this". And he patted it to his chest. What a wonderful human being this little boy is, so tuned to others people's feelings already.

Danny threw his book across the car, grinned at me and demanded cheese crackers.

When I walked in the door, our dog Cody went nuts and currently Tutz, my cat, is stretched out on the couch next to me, her back the length of my thigh. She never socialised with us in 10 years but since Frank died she's been with us non-stop., which has been different but really nice. God, I still miss him though.

What a welcome home. I am the luckiest person in the history of people. And the boys had a great weekend with Craig: park, cook-out & picnic, local fair, & zoo. They are both exhausted tonight (me & Craig too). I love my home, my life, my family and I know I'm dead lucky to have all of that.

*In regard to my blonde plane associate: I hadn't eaten lunch, so at Denver airport I got a big bag of cheesy snacks and a book I've wanted for ages, so I was REALLY looking forward to munching crackers and reading my way through the 3-hour flight back to Ohio. When I got the seat, my partner was a 6', 20-year old gorgeous and tanned blonde that probably weighed about 125 pounds. So I didn't eat a thing. Damn her to hell.

One last thing, on the way from my hotel to the airport in Denver, my driver looked casually to her right when we got to my terminal and said "That's a statue of the God of Death" And there he was, just sat there in the grass. Who in their right mind would put the statue of The God of Death at an airport?

Well, they do a bit of explaining in the video:

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