Monday, July 05, 2010

Zoo Trip - Polar Bears

To finish off our long party weekend we took the kids to the zoo this morning. In hindsight, taking the kids to a place with thousands of square feet of black tarmac on a 93 degree day wasn't the most brainy thing I've ever done. All four of us looked like we needed medical treatment by the time we left.
Still, we DID get to see the polar bears at the new Polar Frontier.

The bespectacled bear looks as scary as the brown one don't you think?
He looks like a scary man in a bear suit.

Both boys were very quiet when the polar bears come along. Probably because we told them that if the bears got out they would eat them (I'm kidding)
You stand in this tunnel and they come and stand on it and swim and play around you.
It was brilliant.

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