Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taking Chance

My husband Craig and I have a pact when it comes to our Netflix movies, where he chooses a film and then I do. That way we don't always watch drama (me) or blood-thirsty shoot-em-ups (him). Anyway, he got two choices last week: The Crazies and Shutter Island, so I made the most of my choice and got "Taking Chance", which we watched last night.

Taking Chance got 4.7 stars out of 5, so I knew it was going to be a good movie, but I didn't tell Craig too much ahead of time as he hates dramas. Kevin Bacon stars as a Captain in the Marines that escorts the body of a Private killed in Iraq. He escorts him across the USA and the story is all about that journey and the people he meets along the way. It's based on a true story and of course it's a tear-jerker but it was really interesting to see what happens when a soldier dies and how the forces handle the body until they get home.

By the end of the film I was a wreck and had a face like a squashed tomato. I defy anyone to watch this film and not cry! But it's also a wonderful portrayal of real Americans and it leaves you feeling proud that fallen soldiers are handled with such dignity. I really had no idea how much went into the whole operation.

By the way, Craig loved it and we both gave it 5/5.

Here's the trailer:

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