Sunday, July 04, 2010

Birthday Celebrations: Part 2

This morning Jack's friend Eva came over for a play-date. They haven't seen each other in a few months but that didn't seem to hamper things. These two kids are so alike, not just in looks but in personality. At the old daycare they were like partners in crime. It was great for me to catch up with her mum too and have a good chin-wag. I'm always happy to chat with other mum's with kids the same age to talk about school choices and where they are at as far as development.

After that we Skyped my best friend Sue in England, who's due in September. Her older boy Noah is 6 on Tuesday. I miss her and wish I could go & see her for a brew each day.

This afternoon we played with water in the back garden. We all soaked each other basically. Craig was particularly cunning and soaked me several times so he's in for it next time we're in the garden. Jack was so happy, just playing with us like that.

Tonight we went to our local July 4th firework display. Apart from the moron that set a firework off that flew over our heads, it was a great time.

I'm so proud of this lad. He's considerate, kind, loving and a good laugh. He has his devil-like moments obviously but overall he's a good egg and I'm proud of him.

Danny was mesmerized by the fireworks. The finale was so loud that I thought he might get scared but he didn't - just gazed at them in wonder as he snuggled back into his dad's chest. Jack was snuggled into me.

We got home at 11 pm and put the lads to bed, kicking the minefield of toys & balloons out of the way on route to the bedrooms. Craig said "Okay, after tomorrow I'm all ballooned-out." So we'll celebrate again tomorrow as we are off work and still in party mode. What a great time of year to be born. Our Jack is so lucky. Poor Danny, by comparison, has snow and ice to look forward to.

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