Leading up to the Big 4

This is, by a long shot, one of my favourite weeks of the year, the lead up to the July 4th long weekend and Jack's birthday. Everyone at work is mellow, the sun is shining and there's an air of expected festivities like Bar-B-Q's and fireworks.

We kick-started the birthday festivities by taking Jack to the Zoo on Tuesday night. If you look really close at this picture you can see the two kangaroos in the background at it like rabbits. I'll never tire of childish humour, obviously.

This little fella has come along leaps and bounds. I went into his bedroom this morning and said good morning. He said "Hi!" and then "Finger!" as he showed me one of his digits. Not the rude one, thankfully. He's a gem and I love him to bits, but this post isn't about him.

Back to Jack's birthday festivities: So far we have gone swimming, to the Zoo, and tonight Auntie Gina and Matt came over which is always a big treat for him. Gina is one of those gifted people that can immediately make kids at ease and want to play. We have pictures of them holding him when he was days old, which is a lovely feeling to have about friends.

Jack the Lad. You're going to be FOUR! I still think of you as my toddler, my baby and you're not. You are a little boy that's galloping along towards independence. I don't want to stop it because I want you to be confident and independent but OH, I wish these last two years at least had gone slower.

Let's see. A quick Jack story for today. We played hide and seek last night and the only way I found him, hidden under his bed, was that he let one rip. He's been in a fit of giggles about it all day. So have I actually.


Last but not least, I want to send a big hug to my mum & Tom today. Their chihuahua Barney died yesterday. He was 15 and the most beloved dog on the planet, so I want them to know that I'm thinking of them.


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