Jack's 4th Birthday

The birthday so far has been a roaring success, though I'm currently sat in the garden locked out of the house as the wind blew the door shut. Craig's on his way back from an errand, hopefully.

Jack opened his presents up this morning and was so excited he was shaking. He did this weird thing though where he insisted in tidying up the wrapping paper before he took a look at each present. I'd like to say he's tidy all the time but he's not. He leaves so many toys out that I spend half my time stooping down or on the floor fishing out balls from under the telly. My poor old knees are knackered.

Anyway, back to the birthday boy. We bought him a radio-controlled Jeep and he got lots of toys and pirate stuff and clothes. He also got Buzz LightYear & Woody dress-up clothes and a cool new swing. Thanks very much to friends & family for those presents - you made his day!

Here's a few pictures ...

Ahh, the joys of a 4-year old: Buzz blows up his whoopie cushion

Scurvy Dogs Jack & Frankie

With his friend Katy. It seemed like they didn't play too much together this time but after she left he kept asking for her. She is one bright cookie.

Christopher and his mum & dad, Petra & Kurt
The treasure hunt was a big hit I think.

Our newest baby in the group, Luke, slept the entire time

Our first attempt at a strawberry cake, which tasted fabulous! Well done Craig who did it all. I just wrote the name and covered it with sprinkles

Our darling boy is 4. Happy birthday Jack Sparrow. We love you. X


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